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Edging is an essential element of the door leaf and wooden frame. At the same time, it can be a door’s Achilles’ heel – a vulnerability that can prove a real challenge to any engineer. Because edging in particular is subject to impacts from hard objects, such as suitcases, walkers, serving trolley, etc. Various types of edging are divided into use classes based on their impact resistance; these classes indicate which edging should be deployed in which scenarios.

We have extensive experience at neuform. We therefore understand the importance of long-lasting products that reliably resist stressors and stay in good shape. As one of the first members of the German RAL Quality Assurance Association for Interior Doors, we are committed to testing our solutions to ensure they go above and beyond typical requirements – including edging impact resistance. And by participating in the development of a new DIN standard, we are underlining our commitment to offering architects and planners solutions of outstanding quality. 

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Poliklinik Rüdersdorf Foto: Joerg F. Mueller
Poliklinik Rüdersdorf Foto: Joerg F. Mueller


RAL - GZ 426/5

  • “Impact resistance of edging” refers to the impact resistance of the vertical edging of the door leaf. 

  • Generally, the edging is only subjected to the impact stress of hard objects (e.g. suitcases, walkers, service trolleys, etc.).

  • During the test, a steel ball is dropped from a defined height onto the edging (ball drop test).

  • The extent of any damage is used for categorisation into defined usage classes. 

  • Additional quality assurance through RAL 

Usage Class Stress Application Example
Kn Normal Residential Residential buildings
Km Medium Commercial/public Private offices
Ks Severe Commercial/public Public buildings, schools
Ke Extreme Commercial/public Hospitals, kindergartens



  • HDF barrier

  • 45° bevel/rounded edge or kindergarten 2x2 bevel, or 3.5 rounded edge, depending on edging type


Selected examples; other surface finishes and edging types available upon request.


Usage Class Stress Surface Finish Edging type
Kn Normal Priming foil Beech internal lipping
Km Medium Hardwood veneer Hardwood internal lipping
Ks Severe HPL Beech internal lipping (concealed/exposed MDF/HDF), external lipping, ABS edging
Ks Severe Oak veneer Beech internal lipping (concealed/exposed MDF/HDF), external lipping
Ke Extreme HPL PU edging


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