Sound-insulation doors

Noise-reducing doors: safeguarding health

When planning any building, sound insulation is a central issue. Loud sound waves can have a negative impact on health – and can lead to hearing loss, balance disorders and sleep disturbances. Sound-insulation doors protect people from the stress and adverse effects caused by high interior noise levels from sound transmission. Legislation places limits, for example, on what level of noise generated by a plant room can be heard in a neighbouring office.

neuform sound-insulation doors are designed in line with applicable standards. They reliably attenuate sound in diverse types of rooms, preventing excessive noise. After all, noise is among the most aggressive stressors encountered in our day-to-day lives. The right door from neuform establishes a quiet zone – creating the ideal conditions for focused work, for confidentiality when discussing sensitive topics, or simply for more relaxed living.

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© 2019 Harald Ortegel / neuformtür
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DIN 4109 - sound insulation in buildings – main tasks:
to protect people in shared spaces from excessive noise
RwP (test value) minus 5 dB (tolerance) = Rw
Manufacturer’s proof of sound insulation - expert opinion
DIN EN ISO 717-1 evaluation, spectrum adjustment values:
C -> pink noise
Ctr -> city traffic noise
test value in accordance with DIN EN ISO 717 = RwP in accordance with DIN 4109
DIN EN ISO 140 - testing
EN 16034 - european pruduct standard; applies to door frame type, door leaf, side panels, overpanels, ...
Please note - tolerance can vary according to RwP value and Rw requirements

Comparison DIN <> EN with sound insulation classes for our HT doors models:

VDI SSK DIN 4109: required Rw in dB DIN 4109: Rw in dB DIN EN ISO 717-1 (Laboratory value)): Rw in dB (Example)
1 27 32 ~32 (C, Ctr)
2 32 37 ~37 (C, Ctr)
3 37 42 ~42 (C, Ctr)
4 42 47 ~47 (C, Ctr)
5 45 50 ~50 (C, Ctr)


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