Surface finish durability

Doors that resist scratches, bumps and stains

Door surfaces face diverse and daunting challenges on a daily basis – staining substances, aggressive cleaning agents, impacts from objects, scratches, adhesives and more.

As one of the earliest members of the German RAL Quality Assurance Association for Interior Doors, neuform offers planners and architects long-lasting products with exceptionally durable surface finishes. In addition to smart design, finishes play a central role in the longevity of our solutions. By extending our quality and testing criteria to including surface finish durability, we are setting new standards in excellent, highly resistant doors – and underscoring our dedication to going the extra mile.

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Gemeinschaftsschule Ammerbuch Foto: Oliver Rieger
Gemeinschaftsschule Ammerbuch Foto: Oliver Rieger
Kinderhaus Zwergenland Erdmannhausen Foto: Thomas Möller


RAL - GZ 426/5 - Door leaf test criteria: 

  • Stain resistance 

  • Impact resistance   

  • Scratch resistance 

  • Adhesive tape resistance  

  • Rub resistance (10% acetic acid, acetone, other cleaning agents, 48% ethanol, etc.) 

Additional quality assurance through RAL.  

Usage Class Stress Application
Og Low Private residence
Oh High Normal use in commercial/public areas
Oi Intense Severe use in commercial/public areas, regular contact with cleaning agents


Usage class Stress Applies to the following surface finishes
Og Low Veneer (softwood and hardwood), varnished
Oi Intense HPL (0,8 or 2mm)


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