Berufsschulzentrum Nord Darmstadt Foto: Markus Guhl für wulf architekten


Gemeinschaftsschule Ammerbuch Foto: Oliver Rieger


Kindertagesstätte Polifant Ditzingen Foto: Stefan Josef Müller

Doors for education

Safe, child-friendly, durable

In children’s nurseries and kindergartens, kids run around, throw tantrums, play games, paint and make things, shout and laugh, and plenty more besides. Children need to feel safe and at ease, and be free to be themselves. But that means their environment has to withstand many things. And this calls for a building with the right doors. neuform doors are designed to prevent accidents and injuries, to ensure hygiene in kitchens and toilets, and to create areas of tranquillity – because even the most boisterous of children require the occasional moment of quiet.

Against this background, schools, nurseries, day-care centres, colleges and universities call for materials that are both safe and sturdy. Fire resistance, smoke control and sound insulation are all a must. And doors have to be capable of withstanding the wear and tear, bumps and knocks encountered daily in these environments. Consistent high quality, smart solutions and long-lasting products from neuform ensure all this and more, for instance through noise control – allowing pupils and students to concentrate on learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Container Doors for group activity rooms & classrooms/ Bild: 960x414 px

Berufsschulzentrum Nord Darmstadt Foto: Markus Guhl für wulf architekten

Doors for group activity rooms & classrooms

Schools are hectic places, and are often loud. They require especially tough classroom doors that help control noise. At the same time, the doors need to be visually appealing, and create a pleasant learning atmosphere. In particular, fanlights allow greater design flexibility and a more appealing interior ambience.

Container Doors for quiet zones / Bild: 960x414 px

Kindertagesstätte Polifant Ditzingen Foto: Stefan Josef Müller

Doors for quiet zones

Sound-insulation doors are ideal for creating quiet zones where kids can take a break from their boisterous every-day activities. The doors blend in unobtrusively with their surroundings and help provide pupils with an area without distractions where they can relax and concentrate. The doors are designed to avoid sharp edges and corners, preventing injuries.

Container Doors for multipurpose rooms / storage rooms

Kindertagesstätte Polifant Ditzingen Foto: Stefan Josef Müller

Doors for multipurpose rooms & storage rooms

Multipurpose rooms are ideal for free-time play, communication and simple relaxation, and are found in both schools and kindergartens. The doors are made with rounded forms to avoid injuries: the frames and door leaves are free from sharp edges. A variety of vision panels are available to create a bright and pleasant interior.


Bürogebäude Foto: Thomas Radenheimer

Office doors

Office doors ensure a shielded environment where business professionals can focus on their tasks and work productively. At the same time, an important role is played by innovative technical features, durability, and appealing product design. After all, the appearance of your doors should reflect your corporate philosophy and identity, and match your office environment.


Burg-Gymnasium Schorndorf Foto: Thomas Möller

Doors for corridors & stairwells

Safety is an essential consideration with doors for corridors and stairwells. In an emergency, they must safeguard escape routes, and lead simply and quickly to emergency exits. To this end, the doors are configured to provide smoke control and fire resistance. Moreover, framed doors made of laminate with glazing/vision panels ensure good visibility in hallways and stairwells.


Waldkliniken Eisenberg Foto: Steffen Spitzner

Doors for toilets & bathrooms

Doors for toilets and bathrooms must address special challenges, such as high humidity, water spray and cleaning agents. And they need to provide sound insulation and ventilation. The corresponding materials must therefore be resistant to damp and wet conditions, and they need to be tough and long-lasting.


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