Waldkliniken Eisenberg Foto: Steffen Spitzner


St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam Foto: Markus Stegner


Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber


Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber

Healthcare doors

Hard-wearing and barrier-free

neuform doors for hospitals and other healthcare facilities are barrier-free and durable, while offering effective noise control and meeting exceptionally high standards of safety and hygiene.

Because clinics, rehabilitation centres, doctors’ surgeries, care homes and hospitals require functionality and robust materials, but also have to safeguard patients’ and residents’ well-being and recuperation. In an emergency, they need wide corridors that allow rapid escape and rescue, as well as simple access to areas with sophisticated medical equipment. Moreover, it should be possible to easily and quickly move patients and residents at any time.

Any building in the healthcare sector must provide the right working conditions for targeted treatment and care, while preserving the privacy of residents and patients. Ideally, they will feel at ease and comfortable, and be able to receive visitors and have the opportunity to relax in peace and quiet to aid their recovery. neuform doors are designed with these aims in mind, and are not just practical but also attractive, helping create a pleasant atmosphere.

Container Treatment rooms / Bild: 960x414 px

Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber

Treatment rooms

Extra-wide, barrier-free doors mean access for all, including wheelchair users. Sound insulation doors guarantee privacy for confidential doctor-patient consultations. And, where necessary, door elements can provide protection against hazardous radiation.

Container Patient rooms / Bild: 960x414 px

St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam Foto: Markus Stegner

Patient rooms

The quick recovery of patients is the top priority.The right room aids recuperation and treatment. To this end, neuform provides robust, barrier-free and extra-wide sound insulation doors that ensure peace and quiet, while at the same time allowing the rapid provision and removal of beds and medical devices.


Waldkliniken Eisenberg Foto: Steffen Spitzner

Doors for toilets & bathrooms

Doors for toilets and bathrooms must address special challenges, such as high humidity, water spray and cleaning agents. And they need to provide sound insulation and ventilation. The corresponding materials must therefore be resistant to damp and wet conditions, and they need to be tough and long-lasting.

Container Intensive care units / Bild: 960x414 px

Klinikum am Gesundbrunnen Foto: Jochen Stüber

Intensive care units (ICUs)

For effective monitoring and care, ICUs require easy access and high visibility. Large sliding doors allow rapid medical intervention, when required. PLANOGLAS vision panels with glazing flush to the door on both sides and with integrated blinds are easy to clean and low maintenance. They guarantee staff can keep a watchful eye on their patients while safeguarding a degree of privacy.

Container Operating theatres & X-ray rooms / Bild: 960x414 px

Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber

Operating theatres / X-ray rooms

These procedure rooms are highly sensitive areas with very special requirements. They must ensure quick and simple access. Sliding doors close to a tight seal and, where required, include antibacterial and/ or antiviral finishes for an extremely high standard of hygiene. The doors are optionally available with an automatic drive. Additionally, they must be impenetrable to X-rays, and gamma and electron radiation.


St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam Foto: Markus Stegner

Nurses’ stations

It should be simple for patients and their families to gain the attention of nursing professionals. Staff also need to maintain an overview of their patients and the station at all times. Extensive glazing and doors with vision panels give all stakeholders transparency.


Helios Vogtland-Klinikum Foto: Stefan Marquardt

Laboratories / equipment rooms

Laboratories and other rooms with specialised equipment are highly variable: There may be flammable materials, chemical reactions, radiation and other technologies that require special care and management. Door elements for these areas must be equally versatile, and fulfil diverse functions.


Helios Vogtland-Klinikum Foto: Stefan Marquardt

Medication storerooms / pharmacies

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are valuable and sensitive assets that require restricted yet easy access, for a variety of reasons. Burglar-resistant doors help keep these resources safe from unauthorised persons.


Klinikum am Gesundbrunnen Foto: Jochen Stüber

Doors for swimming pools

Doors for swimming pools, spas and wellness areas with changing rooms face very special challenges. They must be made to handle moisture, high humidity, and powerful cleaning agents. At the same time, they should help create a quiet, harmonious atmosphere. Exceptional quality and durability combined with attractive appearance are therefore essential.


Burg-Gymnasium Schorndorf Foto: Thomas Möller

Doors for corridors & stairwells

Safety is an essential consideration with doors for corridors and stairwells. In an emergency, they must safeguard escape routes, and lead simply and quickly to emergency exits. To this end, the doors are configured to provide smoke control and fire resistance. Moreover, framed doors made of laminate with glazing/vision panels ensure good visibility in hallways and stairwells.


Bürogebäude Foto: Thomas Radenheimer

Office doors

Office doors ensure a shielded environment where business professionals can focus on their tasks and work productively. At the same time, an important role is played by innovative technical features, durability, and appealing product design. After all, the appearance of your doors should reflect your corporate philosophy and identity, and match your office environment.


Tür in einer forensischen Klinik

Forensic areas

Forensic departments are exceptionally demanding areas in medical buildings. A maximum of requirements are bundled here, which usually come into play in combination. But first and foremost, forensics is also about the people in front of and behind the doors: it is about safety and protection, but also about security and tranquillity – and all this in exceptional situations and sometimes under the most severe psychological conditions.


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