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Opening and closing doors reliably and easily

In addition to the door leaf and frame, hardware is essential for the operation of a door. Hardware includes hinges, handles, closing systems and floor seals.

neuform’s rich range of products can be equipped with all leading types of hardware and fittings, and is therefore vendor-independent. We source our hardware exclusively from well-respected and proven names, in line with our high expectations in terms of product form and function. We are happy to provide you with expert guidance on the available choices, and to work with you to find a tailor-made solution to your requirements.



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Hinges literally play a pivotal role for modern doors. They connect the door leaf with the frame, and must withstand the heavy wear and stresses of daily use. It is therefore important that they meet functional requirements – in terms of, for example, door leaf size, weight, centre of gravity, and material.

Your choices:

  • VX System knuckle hinge: the visible solution

  • Concealed hinges: not visible when the door is closed

  • Hinge substructure in the door leaf for adjustment of door leaf alignment with frame



Tür Beschlag Türschloss

The primary purpose of mortise locks is to secure the doorway, and ensure the door leaf is held firmly within the frame to prevent the entry of unauthorised persons. At the same time, they fulfil other, indispensable functions, depending on specifications. It is important, for example, that in an emergency or panic, a door can be opened even when it is locked – or that, in the event of a fire, the lock will continue to hold the door securely in the frame. Depending on the door element’s intended use, the locks employed are subject to leading standards (e.g., DIN 18250 and DIN 18251); these define dimensions, requirements, tests and markings.

Your choices:

  • Panic function

  • Self-locking, multi-point locking hardware

  • Motorised lock

  • Monitoring of condition of bolt, latch, follower



Tür Beschlag Drücker

Attractively shaped handles underscore the door’s character, and contribute significantly to a door’s ease of operation and appearance. As specified by DIN EN 1906, a handle is essentially a rotatable element that acts as a lever to open and close a door. Door handles are subject to considerable wear and tear, and therefore are generally manufactured from robust materials such as metal. As an alternative, a transponder or card reader system can be used.

Your choices:

  • Standard handle/handle set

  • Combined handle/knob set

  • Protective handle set for burglar resistance

  • Access control system

  • Emergency exit devices and panic exit devices

  • Recessed handle


Tür Beschlag Schließer

As its name suggests, the closing system automatically shuts a door that has been manually or automatically opened. The closing action is performed in a controlled way by means of a hydraulic damper. There are a variety of designs and installation types, with the system either visible or concealed. Depending on specific requirements, such as fire resistance and smoke control, the closers may be mandatory for safety reasons. In the case of double-leaf doors, closures ensure the leaves shut in the right sequence. Automatic door openers with high-precision sensor technology are frequently used in high-traffic public buildings.

Your choices:

  • Surface-mounted closer: the visible solution

  • Integrated closer: not visible when the door is closed

  • Automatic drive: opens door without manual effort

  • Optional: hold-open device, fire door closing function, and door sequence selector


Tür Beschlag Bodendichtung

Drop-down seals integrated into the bottom edge of the door leaf fulfil two key functions. They help ensure the room has a pleasant atmosphere by preventing drafts. And they play an essential role in sound insulation. Combined with frame seals and a sound insulation door, they ensure discretion and reliably reduce distracting noises (up to sound insulation class 5). Where smoke control measures must be in place, floor seals are mandatory – to impede the spread of hazardous fumes, safeguarding lives.



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A wide range of other accessories are available from neuform to complement doors for diverse use cases. From electronic components, to hold-open devices, security systems and much more, neuform is always there to help you meet your requirements and to jointly identify the right solution for your project.

Your choices:

  • Door viewer

  • Block lock

  • Bolt switching contacts

  • Magnetic contacts


We are happy to help!

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neuform products are available worldwide, and we are happy to advise and assist you no matter where your project is based. Simply contact us and we will support you in any way possible.