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Surface finish

A wealth of materials for door leaves 

A door’s surface finish is one of its most important design features. It largely determines the door’s appearance, and influences attributes – whether the door is especially resistant to knocks and scratches, for instance. And a door’s surface finish requirements depend very much on how and in what environment it is used.

neuform offers a range of surface materials, including diverse veneers and paint finishes, and robust HPL laminate and priming foil. It is also possible to use differing finishes for the outer and inner sides of a door. We are happy to advise you on the best choice for your project.



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A naturally beautiful surface 

Real-wood veneers are thin layers of wood that radiate cosiness and warmth. As they are made from natural materials, their precise colour, grain pattern and texture vary in accordance with the tree trunk from which they are cut. This variation underlines the natural beauty, vibrancy and individuality of veneers. As a result, we at neuform apply very high quality standards when sourcing suitable real-wood veneers.:

A variety of wood types, and protective coatings and finishes are available:

  • Varnished:
    Eco-friendly varnishes for a natural finished look and durability 

  • Stained and varnished: 
    Staining helps to underline the wood’s natural character 

  • Optional:
    Sanded for surface treatment during the construction project 
    Natural wood-look paint as a non-flammable protective finish



Türe mit Beschichtung HPL
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Foto: Harald Ortegel

The maintenance-friendly surface finish 

Laminates are made of wood particles bonded together with artificial resin. The use of HPL (high pressure laminate) makes neuform elements especially tough, enabling them to withstand harsh environments. Moreover, HPL is highly resistant to scratching and abrasion. HPL doors are therefore ideal for areas with high foot traffic.

  • Solid colour  

  • Wood-look finish 

  • Decorative patterns, metal-look finish 

  • Optional: Various textures, enhanced scratch resistance 

  • 2.0 mm thick HPL for wet rooms



Eine Türe mit Farblackierung
Kinderhaus Zwergenland Erdmannhausen Foto: Thomas Möller

The colourful surface finish 

Paint allows you to create a door in any colour you want. Paint finishes are easy to clean and maintain, and are very durable. And neuform offers something special: the paint finish is applied not just to the door leaf, but to the entire surface of the leaf edging. What’s more, neuform uses rounded edges with painted doors, making the paint finish at the transition between leaf and edge especially resistant to wear and tear.

There are diverse paints available with differing characteristics:

  • 2k eco-friendly water-based paint 

  • 2k eco-friendly UV-curable water-based paint 

  • 2K PU polyurethane paint



Türelemente in Grundierfolie
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For surface treatment by the customer 

If you prefer, you can order neuform doors that you surface-treat on your own premises or on-site. In this case, we supply the doors with a priming foil – and you can apply the finish that suits your specific project and building needs.

However, the following points should be considered: 

  • The door must be sanded clean prior to the application of varnish/paint 

  • Ensure the seal and surface finish are compatible 

  • A paint/varnish test is recommended



We are happy to help!

No matter where your project is based

neuform products are available worldwide, and we are happy to advise and assist you no matter where your project is based. Simply contact us and we will support you in any way possible.