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Vision panels

Vision panels of many types and shapes

Light plays a vital role in architecture and interior design. Doors can allow light into rooms by means of vision panels. These are glass panels inserted into the door leaf to allow the passage of light. They brighten up dark rooms and make small rooms appear larger.

With neuform, you have a multitude of possibilities with regard to a vision panel’s shape, position, size and type of glass. There is something for all tastes and all projects – we are happy to advise you on which of our products is best for you.



Infografik Für Lichtausschnitte

There are a variety of shapes and frieze rail widths (frame widths). The model L standard vision panel is a traditional DIN-compliant type with a top frieze rail width of 160 millimetres, stile widths of 160 millimetres, and a bottom frieze rail extending 400 millimetres. Further rectangular, square, divided or round vision panels are available, each framed by a tailored door leaf.

  • Model L: standard vision panel

  • Model L-230: 230 mm bottom rail below vision panel

  • Model L-stl: narrow vision panel positioned to one side

  • Model Mehrfeld: a pair of vision panels divided by a crossrail

  • Model L-hLA: a half-sized vision panel 1050 mm above the door leaf bottom

  • Model L-kLA: smaller-sized vision panel framed by a tailored door leaf

  • Model L-Bul: bull’s eye vision panel 350 mm in diameter

  • Model Framic: an exceptionally large vision panel framed by slim rails and stiles



Farbbeispiele für Türen

With neuform, the beading is both an item of "hardware" and a design element. It frames the vision panel within the door leaf, and visually harmonises with components such as the handle and hinges. neuform beading’s functional design enables highly versatile use. A variety of dimensions and decorative finishes mean the beading can be integrated into the door in line with your specific requirements – as a subtle element, for example, or as a deliberate contrast.

  • Surface made of hardy, decorative finish

  • T30 fire resistance

  • Smoke control

  • Flexible seal for exact fit

  • Standard decorative finish: stainless steel (look)

  • Colour finish: white, light grey, medium grey, dark grey, anthracite

  • Wood decorative: maple, beech, oak (look)

  • Laminated wood version: maple, beech, oak



Tür mit seitlichem Lichtausschnitt

neuform glazing bars are placed on top of the glass in the door leaf. They divide the vision panel vertically or horizontally into various-sized smaller sections. The bars are available in diverse dimensions, and as individual bars or a frame comprising multiple bars.



Glastür mit Planoglas

neuform has a variety of glass or glazing types, with attributes such as sound insulation, smoke control, burglar resistance and fire resistance. Additionally, you can choose your preferred "colour": clear glass, clear glass with matte foil, or decorative laminated glass. We can provide you with assistance and jointly identify the best glazing for your project.



Türe mit einem PLANOGLAS Element

The innovative PLANOGLAS element from neuform is seamless double glazing that is installed flush the door leaf, without beading. This allows easier cleaning, ensuring PLANOGLAS vision panels fulfil the highest hygiene standards. As PLANOGLAS is especially robust, it is ideal for areas with high foot traffic.

  • T30 fire resistance

  • Sound insulation

  • Laminated or tempered safety glass

  • Privacy/screening: integrated pleated blind

  • PLANOGLAS ULTRA: for a fully glazed door



We are happy to help!

No matter where your project is based

neuform products are available worldwide, and we are happy to advise and assist you no matter where your project is based. Simply contact us and we will support you in any way possible.