Double glazing without beading for striking yet practical interiors

This versatile glazed door from neuform combines safety with sound insulation and good looks. It has a seamless surface, with the vision panel flush with the door leaf. This makes it easy to maintain high standards of hygiene – the seamless transition (no beading) from glass to leaf on both sides is extremely easy to clean. PLANOGLAS is therefore an excellent choice for healthcare environments.

PLANOGLAS’S design is intelligent and practical, with a minimalistic, elegant look and feel. The PLANOGLAS ULTRA version goes a step further, with a door leaf that is entirely of glass – again, with a completely flat and seamless surface.


Türe mit Doppelverglasung ohne Glasleisten und hochschalldämmend


Seamless-transition double glazing with no beading, highly effective sound insulation.

The three-layer door leaf with a middle layer of solid particle board, has a sound insulation value of Rw = 32 dB or 38 dB in accordance with German standard DIN 4109. That means it meets the VDI criteria for sound insulation class II / III.

Clear frame passage up to a height of 3011 mm, and from a minimum width of 257 mm to a maximum width of 1607 mm, are possible with door leaves that are approximately 40 mm thick.


Türe mit PLANOGLAS inklusive Brandschutz

PLANOGLAS with T30 fire rating

Partical and beautiful.

Sleek, elegant door design with seamless double glazing that is flush with the surface finish and provides highly effective sound insulation (Rw = 38 dB) – is also possible in conjunction with fire resistance.

The use of multiple panes of glazing for a flush surface finish creates a look that matches the T0 doors. It is therefore possible to deploy fire-resistant PLANOGLAS doors in upmarket buildings without compromising on style and appearance.

It is the perfect synthesis of function and elegance.


Abbildung des Aufbaus von PLANOGLAS

PLANOGLAS generelly

Tests have shown that PLANOGLAS is highly resistant to fractures.

Because the panes of safety glass are firmly and permanently bonded in position by adhesive, they are highly resistant to fracture. This has been demonstrated by multiple tests and under real-world conditions. PLANOGLAS is extremely robust, making it suitable for areas with high traffic where doors are opened and closed frequently without great care.

Easy to clean for better hygiene!

The seamless transition from the glass to the door leaf surface finish, with no silicone bonding, allows the door to be cleaned thoroughly and effectively. This ensures very high standards of hygiene in sensitive environments such as hospitals.

PLANOGLAS product benefits

  • Elegant, sleek appearance through flush-with-finish glazing

  • Optional integration of a blind within glazing

  • Easy to clean and excellent hygiene thanks to seamless glazing-to-finish transition

  • Highly effective sound insulation up to Rw, P = 43 dB

  • Extremely safe as the panes of safety glass are glued permanently into place – confirmed by tests

PLANOGLAS – overview of benefits


Türe mit flächenbündige Glasleiste

Conventional beading

Wrapped beading holds the glass firmly in place in the centre. Foam glazing tape is applied to the beading to prevent the glass from moving. The beading is secured with pins or screws.


  • Beading is raised, i.e. protrudes above the door surface

  • Screws or pins are visible

  • There is a gap between the beading

  • Frequently, the beading is not exactly the same colour as the door surface finish


Türe mit abgefälzter Glasleiste

Flush beading

Flush beading is far more attractive than traditional beading, but has the same disadvantages.


  • Beading is raised, i.e. protrudes above the door surface

  • Screws or pins are visible

  • There is a gap between the beading

  • Frequently, the beading is not exactly the same colour as the door surface finish


Further disadvantages:

  • It is possible for the surface finish to tear, starting from the corners

  • Sound insulation glass is not suitable for use with beading that is flush with the door surface


Türe mit beidseitig flächenbündige und fugenlose Doppelverglasung

PLANOGLAS: a complete solution

Double glazing, flush with the door and seamless on both sides for attractive appearance, effective sound insulation and very high standards of hygiene. It’s precise, durable, and the glass is held firmly in place.


Pleated blind as an opaque screen

Door leaves with planoglas vision panels can be optionally fitted with a pleated blind that completely screens off the room beyond. The following information applies to T0 / T30 / RS door leaves.

Benefits & advantages

  • Glazing is flush with door leaf

  • Solution is integrated into door leaf

  • Attractive appearance

  • Easy to clean and to ensure hygiene

  • Maintenance-friendly


Technical features

  • Blocks 99% of light

  • Material: 100% polyester, white

  • Size of pleat: 20 mm

  • Width: 300 – 1,450 mm

  • Height: 300 – 2,350 mm

  • Operated by pull cord, placed towards hinge on opening side of door

Additional information

  • 99% light blockage thanks to dark seals for frame and floor

  • Available for doors up to a thickness of 70 mm

  • Upon request: e.g. T90, radiation protection, laser safety


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