High quality, attractive product design, superb craftsmanship

Doors are used and subject to wear and tear on a daily basis. They must enable access to buildings, rooms, objects and people – but also prevent unauthorised intrusions. They have to fulfil diverse technical requirements, and harmonise with the surrounding architecture.

Reconciling these demands with a tailor-made answer to individual needs is no easy task. But at neuform, we can help you master it – with a wealth of experience and outstanding products. Your goals and satisfaction are at the heart of our mission and vision. You can rely on us for superb, long-lasting products, from individual elements such as frames and door leaves, to smart, end-to-end solutions such as sliding doors. Because they not only comply with statutory requirements, but are also of exceptional quality. And for highly specific needs, we design and make custom solutions.

The result is doors with carefully matched components that combine precision engineering with passionate craftsmanship.

The neuform portfolio of doors and frames is capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations for any building.



Various types in wood, wood material, aluminium & sheet steel


Burg-Gymnasium Schorndorf Foto: Thomas Möller

Hinged doors

The right door leaf for individual requirements


St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam Foto: Markus Stegner

Sliding doors

SONOR-SLIDE – ideal for barrier-free buildings