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Door frames made of wood, aluminium or sheet steel

The frame is the element that surrounds the door opening, and is the vital link between the door leaf and the wall. It therefore plays a fundamental role, both technically and visually.

neuform frames are an excellent way to incorporate the door leaf into the wall opening, and are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, wood material, aluminium and sheet steel – depending on the specific use case and challenge. In most cases, the frame is matched to a door leaf that has the same look, material and surface finish. However, it is also possible to choose door elements with differing characteristics to create a deliberate visual contrast.

The standard neuform models are available in virtually limitless versions, and can be customised in line with your building project’s unique needs. Possible surface finishes include veneer, laminate and RAL paint. neuform frames stand for consistently high quality and durability; they perform their function to perfection, and underscore the style of the architecture around them.




Produktbild einer Holz-Umfassungszarge

Wooden frame for challenging environments

The U-shaped wrap-around wooden frame is highly versatile. It is suitable for any type of wall. This two-component wooden frame from neuform is perfectly equipped for challenging commercial and public environments. It features wrap-around casing on both sides, made from laminated wood or plywood and available in a variety of widths. The system of interlocking tongue and groove joints stably connects rebated jamb and casing. Carefully matched materials guarantee excellent quality and resistance to wear and tear.

  • Interlocking tongue and groove joint between rebated jamb and casing

  • Rebated jamb made of high-quality plywood (25 mm thick)

  • Casing made of wood material, optionally plywood (25 mm thick)

  • With non-rebated door leaf where high wear and tear is expected




Produktbild einer Holzblockzarge

Flush-to-wall wooden frame

The SYSTEM S frame was invented and patented by neuform back in 1963. It is non-rebated and has a shadow gap. The two-component design makes it ideal for flush-to-the-wall mounting. Thanks to its precisely dimensioned substructure and intelligent installation technology, SYSTEM S can be put in place at an early stage of construction – with high accuracy and simplicity. The door leaf and the frame itself are only installed after all other interior construction tasks are complete – preventing damage and soiling. The combination of substructure, pre-installation frame with shadow gap, and block frame means SYSTEM S can be used with any wall type: plastered walls, exposed brickwork, aerated concrete or plasterboard.

This tried-and-trusted timeless classic has embodied our ambitious goals since 1963.

  • Frame panel made from laminated wood or plywood for high strength and durability

  • Flush-to-the-wall door element

  • Precisely defined shadow gap between the substructure and frame panel

  • Substructure for 100 % dimensional accuracy and basis for subsequent construction tasks




Produktbild einer Stockzarge

Versatile wooden frame

Our block frame is a versatile one-stop solution that can withstand high wear and tear. The frame is made from laminated wood, and offers an almost infinite number of combinations and configurations, meeting all common requirement profiles. It is suitable for thick brickwork, closely spaced walls, and flush-to-wall installation, and can be supplied with virtually any surface finish. Visually, it offers remarkable creative freedom in conjunction with a broad choice of dimensions.

neuform provides both door leaf and frame, with all corresponding certifications, for total peace of mind. It is the ideal alternative to standardised industrial solutions, expensive frames custom-made by joiners, and inflexible aluminium frames. In short, this block frame from neuform combines attractive form with excellent function and exceptional robustness.

  • Extremely robust design

  • Exceptionally broad choice of surface finishes and dimensions

  • Flexibility for diverse requirements

  • Ideal for existing buildings and renovations




Produktbild der Variantzarge ZR1

Flexible, diverse, innovative wooden frame

The neuform Variant wooden wrap-around frame features an intelligent design that sets it apart from conventional door frames. In contrast to steel frames that entail complicated installation and a limited choice of surface finishes, the wooden Variant frame is ideal for contemporary interior design styles and new, flexible construction methods. It is similarly robust and yet far more versatile.




Produktbild einer Stahlzarge

Durable, strong steel frames made of sheet steel

Steel frames are robust, long-lasting and keep their shape. They are therefore ideal for high-traffic environments. They have extremely precise dimensions and geometry. Ant they provide lasting support for doors even under challenging conditions.

Depending on their function and design, steel frames from neuform are available in a wide variety of versions. In addition to a wrap-around frame, there is also thea minimalistic sino SINO frame (without frame panels), a shadow gap frame, a flush-to-wall frame, and a safety design frame in sheet steel.

  • Frame made from sheet steel (at least 1.5/2 mm thick)

  • Long-lasting and robust construction

  • Highly precise dimensions, keeps its shape

  • Flexible appearance due to ex-works coating or on-site painting




Produktbild einer Aluminiumzarge

Corrosion-resistant, hard-wearing, clear-cut aluminium frames

Aluminium frames form a sturdy, hard-wearing link between the door and wall. They clearly visually demarcate yet harmoniously connect the differing materials used in these two elements. They unite the advantages of steel and wood frames: the anodized surface is very robust, forgiving of knocks and scratches, and resistant to corrosion. As aluminium reflects the light and colours of the surroundings, these frames never feel "cold", and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing architecture.

The timeless, high-quality aluminium frames from neuform are available in a variety of versions, including slim-line, shadow gap, flush-to-wall, and wrap-around frames. They typically comprise one or two components.

  • Frame made of aluminium (2.5 – 3.5 mm thick)

  • Roust design with clear-cut lines

  • Lasting moisture resistance

  • Surface finish of anodized aluminium or ex-works coating

Overview frame versions

  Wrap-around frame SYSTEM S block frame Block frame Variant frame Steel frame Aluminium frames
Material Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Sheet steel Aluminium
Fire resistance Up to T90 Up to T90 Up to T90 Up to T30 / T90 upon request Up to T90 Up to T30
Smoke control X X X X X X
Sound insulation Up to 52 dB (SSK 5) Up to 52 dB (SSK 5) Up to 47 dB (SSK 4) Up to 52 dB (SSK 5) Up to 52 dB (SSK 5) Up to 52 dB (SSK 5)
Burglar resistance RC2 / RC3 RC2 / RC3 RC2 / RC3 RC2 / RC3 RC2 / RC3
High-humidity & wet environments X X X
Radiation protection Upon request Upon request Upon request X X Upon request


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