Wooden Variant frame

Flexible, diverse, innovative wooden frame

The neuform Variant frame offers huge variety. You can therefore create your own, tailor-made solution with many exciting possibilities. You can choose and combine almost any surface finish or edging, including paint, veneer and plastic coating – for a frame that matches your specific preferences.




Produktbild der Variantzarge DS

Wooden frame that is a versatile interior design element

The VARIANT DS FRAME from neuform is based on the proven, tough and durable design of the VARIANT ZR FRAME. As a design element, it offers quality and creativity in detail, clean lines, and a stylish overall look. With its two-tone appearance, with contrasting edging, the wooden Variant DS wrap-around frame is an exciting and versatile alternative to conventional steel and aluminium frames. VARIANT DS FRAME. offers great flexibility, strength and sturdiness, high quality and excellent value for money.

  • Two-tone look with contrasting edge in light grey or anthracite

  • Non-rebated

  • Attractive appearance with clean lines

  • Robust and durable

  • Stainless-steel strike plate and 3D-VX hinge



Produktbild der Variantzarge ZR1

Wooden frame that allows a customer-specific look

Our VARIANT ZR FRAME is built to be tough and to take plenty of knocks. Variable frame panel widths, plus the ability to accommodate varying wall thicknesses, means the VARIANT ZR FRAME wrap-around wooden frame maintains a consistent look-and-feel, regardless of the exact configuration. A broad choice of surface finishes and edging types opens up exciting possibilities for tailor-made solutions.

  • Wrap-around frame with wood/wood-material casing

  • Seamless look-and-feel for diverse requirements

  • Broad choice of surface finishes and edging types

  • Broad choice of dimensions (frame panel width, rebate depth, door height)

Variant frame benefits

  • A single supplier and single tradesperson deployment (instead of three deployments/tradespeople for a steel frame)
  • A high-quality, wood-only door element
  • Installation ideally integrated into construction project timeline
  • Attractive design with clean lines
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Cost-effective and excellent value due to durability and sustainability


A diversity of dimensions


The standard variant frame is, as its name suggests, the most basic version. It can be supplied at short notice and on very attractive terms. This product has a defined range of surface finishes and a fixed frame panel width of 60 mm. As a result, it is our lowest-cost solution for rebated doors and wall thicknesses of 80 to 300 mm.

When it comes to veneer surface finishes, you have a choice between Beech, Oak, Birch, Maple and Black Cherry. Imitation veneers are supplied in the finishes Maple, Beech, white and light grey. Matching 0.6 mm veneer edging and 0.4 mm decorative edging are available.


This variant frame goes beyond the standard version, offering greater flexibility and variety. It allows you to create a tailor-made solution – at standard prices.

The variant frame for public/commercial buildings is available with panel widths of 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 mm. It is suitable for rebated and non-rebated doors and for T30 fire doors. It can be installed in walls that are between 80 and 150 mm thick. Frame rebate depths of 25.5 x 15 mm (rebated door 40 mm/T0), 41 x 15 mm (non-rebated door 40 mm/T0), 35 x 15 mm (rebated door 50mm/T30) and 52 x 15 mm (non-rebated door 50mm/T30) are possible. Furthermore, the frame supports door heights of up to 3 m.

There is also greater flexibility in terms of surface finishes and optional forms of protection, i.e. fire resistance, sound insulation and burglar resistance. Read more in the dedicated section on surface finishes and door requirements.


Veneered frames are optionally available with 2 mm veneer edging instead of 0.6 mm. This edging is more durable and hard-wearing.

HPL-coated frames can be supplied with an impact-resistant edging made from 2 mm thick ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in place of 0.4 mm thick decorative edging. This offers more effective protection for the laminate, preventing it from cracking or splitting.

An optional wall seal is available to accommodate slight variations in finished dimensions, and for enhanced sound insulation.


We have developed a classic look for stylish interiors found in stately homes, hotels, older town houses and similar environments. It combines state-of-the-art frame technology (MDF profile frame) with traditional style elements. The coating is tailored to your specific wishes.

Door attributes


Noise control is being given ever greater priority. Against this background, a sound-insulation version of the Variant is available. It can be combined with any of our sound insulation doors. This is achieved by means of a double rebate with two perimeter seals. To prevent sound propagation, the remaining cavity is filled with mineral fibre.

For the best possible sound insulation, we recommend using the optional wall seal.


Variant is also available with class 2 burglar resistance (RC 2). In conjunction with our burglar-resistant doors, the reinforced frame offers extremely effective protection.


Frames designed for wet rooms and environments are employed, for example, at swimming pools, hotels, hospitals and saunas. In these environments, the frame and door leaf are subject to prolonged exposure to moisture and, frequently, to water spray. This water can contain body care products and aggressive floor and tile cleaning agents.

As with the version for high-humidity environments, a rigid PU foam barrier protects the lower parts of the frame and leaf from moisture ingress. We recommend using a frame surface finish from plastic and decorative HPL laminate. The Variant frame for wet environments is combined with a door leaf made solely from plastic materials. Edging options comprise foil, concealed plastic internal lipping, and injection-moulded polyurethane protective edging.


These frames are used, for example, for laboratories and shower rooms, bathrooms, and in apartments with insufficient window ventilation. In these environments, the frame and door leaf surfaces are exposed to moisture for short periods – e.g. through indirect water spray or condensation due to high air humidity. A rigid polyurethane foam barrier in the lower part of the frame and leaf prevents moisture ingress from below that could otherwise cause loosening or detachment of the surface finish. The PU barrier also prevents wooden components from coming into direct contact with moisture on the floor.

No ingress of moisture thanks to rigid polyurethane foam barrier in the lower part of the frame and door leaf.
- HPL surface finish (high-pressure laminate) - edging (e.g. 2 mm ABS edging) - rigid PU foam barrier


Fire-resistant and smoke-control frames are designed to hinder the spread of fire and smoke for a defined period. A single frame can provide both types of protection. The fire-resistant version of variant has the same look-and-feel as the standard model. It is mounted to the wall with concealed screws in accordance with applicable regulations.



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