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Door leaf types

The right door leaf for every hinged door

Doors are all around us – in our homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools and elsewhere. A vital component of any door is the movable door leaf – for instance, it largely determines how the door works and looks. But not every door leaf type is suitable for all scenarios. neuform’s broad portfolio includes diverse door leaves, so you are sure to find one that is ideal for your specific hinged door.

neuform’s product range offers almost infinite possibilities with regard to form and function. Visually, there are practically no limits. Furthermore, it is possible to choose doors that are able to withstand high wear and tear, or doors that offer special forms of protection. We can provide individual door elements that comply with building regulations and legal requirements, or we can supply complete and certified door solutions.

neuform doors can be seamlessly integrated into the overall architectural concept, with products for diverse buildings, rooms and functional areas. Choices include solid-core particle board doors and tubular core particle board doors, plastic doors and speciality doors with glazing or ventilation elements.



Querschnitt durch Holz-Vollspantür HT40

40 mm-thick door leaf for doors to rooms

f you wish to create attractive, pleasant rooms, then you need the right interior doors. They can be configured to match or contrast with flooring and furniture. And we have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the look, feel and function of our door leaves.

neuform’s high-quality, durable wooden solid-core particle board doors of 40-millimetre thickness are typically employed as conventional entrance doors in building interiors. The door leaf is made of wood and engineered wood material. With its integrated sound insulation of up to 37 dB, this solid-core door is not only suitable for residential buildings, but also hotels, offices and government agency buildings – in other words, for all interiors that require noise control.



Querschnitt durch Holz-Vollspantür HT50

50 mm-thick door leaf for public buildings

The right interior doors play a pivotal part in creating welcoming rooms. They can be configured to match or contrast with flooring and furniture. And for all our door leaves, we have exceptionally high standards with regard to look, feel and function.

neuform’s high-quality, durable wooden solid-core particle board doors of 50-millimetre thickness can be configured to include many safety and security features – from class 3 sound insulation, to T30 fire resistance, smoke control and RC3 burglar resistance. 50-millimetre-thick solid-core particle board doors from neuform are usually installed in public buildings, hospitals and hotels.



Querschnitt durch Holz-Vollspantür HT70

70 mm-thick door leaf for enhanced protection

When choosing the right door leaf, it is about function – but also about appearance. A door should blend in harmoniously with its surroundings or strike a deliberate contrast. On the other hand, certain use cases call for special safety or security features.

This is where the wooden HT70 solid-core particle board door leaves from neuform come into play. They can be configured to meet all typical safety and security needs. In comparison with HT50 models, the greater thickness delivers enhanced sound insulation (up to class 5) and improved fire resistance (up to T90). HT70 wooden solid-core particle board doors from neuform therefore support higher safety and security standards. They are usually deployed, for example, in public buildings and in buildings with higher-than-average security requirements.



Querschnitt durch Holz-Röhrenspantür HT40-0

Strong, high-quality standard door leaf

Doors have a central role to play when it comes to interior design. The door leaf should therefore not only be hard-wearing and functional, it should also look great. At the same time, it must offer good value for money.

The tubular particle board door from neuform is a high-quality standard door type for all use cases where there is no need for enhanced protection. Of lightweight construction and 40 millimetres thick, this tough wooden door is an ideal basic model for residential buildings and offices. The neuform tubular particle board door gives you a long-lasting door leaf for any budget.



Querschnitt durch Kunststofftür KT40

Robust plastic door leaf

The right choice of door leaf is always dependent upon the specific use case. And exceptional environments mean exceptional needs in terms of the door leaf’s material and attributes.

This is especially true of high-humidity and wet environments, where some doors simply cannot cope. Doors for wet and damp rooms must therefore be designed and built specifically for these challenging conditions. neuform’s 40-millimetre-thick plastic doors are a proven answer to the requirements of changing rooms, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy facilities, swimming pools and more. They are high-quality, hard-wearing products made from materials that can withstand wet and humidity: the core comprises polystyrene, and the surface finish is robust laminate.



Illustration zur Erklärung von Sonor-Venti Türen

Door leaf with sound insulation and ventilation

There are many places, such as doctor’s surgeries, offices or toilets/bathrooms, where there is a need for effective sound insulation and ventilation for neighbouring rooms. And neuform has found an innovative answer to these challenges: wooden SONOR-VENTI doors.

SONOR-VENTI is an interior door that combines sound noise control up to 38 dB and ventilation in single door leaf in a simple yet impactful way. The vertical ventilation channels in the middle layer allow air to pass unhindered. However, sound waves are forced to change direction multiple times in the channels and diminish to almost nothing. Sound is only propagated via the surface area of the door leaf. SONOR-VENTI doors are therefore the perfect solution for interior rooms without windows, or for environments with advanced climate control, such as low-energy houses. The air vents on the door leaf are available in a variety of designs – with round holes or aluminium/stainless-steel strips, with a subtle, blend-in look, or with an additional protective and decorative edge.



Querschnitt durch Holz-Rahmentür Framic

Door leaf with wooden frame and glass panel

Framed doors are of slim appearance, let through light and ensure a pleasant atmosphere. As a result, they are often installed in public buildings, schools and offices, but also residential buildings. The glass panel is surrounded by the wooden frame, which comprises two vertical stiles and two horizontal rails invisibly joined at the corners.

The neuform product portfolio includes the high-quality FRAMIC framed door in laminate with a glass panel. The glass is held in place by the slender stiles and rails that give the door leaf a slim, transparent look. Despite being mostly glazed, the FRAMIC wooden framed door complies with smoke control and fire resistance requirements to T30 and provides sound insulation up to 37 dB – so combining practicality with safety.



Planoglas Ultra Glas Türe
Waldkliniken Eisenberg Foto: Steffen Spitzner

Door leaf with seamless, flush-to-door double glazing

Doors that are glazed or have vision panels let in plenty of daylight, enhancing lighting conditions in building interiors and creating a pleasant atmosphere. They are therefore an important aspect of contemporary architecture and design. PLANOGLAS ULTRA, developed by neuform, takes glazed doors to a whole new level.

PLANOGLAS ULTRA door leaves can be installed wherever doors should not just be functional but also visually appealing. The double glazing in this door is flush with the door surface, forming a seamless finish with no conventional beading. It also meets today’s safety standards – with sound insulation up to 42 dB (class 3), T30 fire resistance and smoke control. A pane of laminated or tempered safety glass is glued into the door leaf on either side of a wooden spacer support – which is then paint-finished in the colour of your choice.

The seamless glass surface to the door leaf surface finish, with no silicone bonding, allows the door to be cleaned thoroughly and effectively. This ensures very high standards of hygiene. The result is a door with a flat, seamless surface finish.

All in all, this elegant, minimalistic solution from neuform is a glazed door with unique features.

Overview door leaf types

  HT40-0 HT40 HT50 HT70 KT40
Thickness (approx.) 40 mm 40 mm 50 mm 70 mm 40 mm
Core Tubular particle board Solid particle board or sound-insulation core Solid particle board or sound-insulation core Solid particle board or sound-insulation core Polystyrene
Sound insulation (Rw) Up to 37 dB (class 2) Up to 42 dB (class 3) Up to 52 dB (class 5)
Fire resistance Optional T30 Optional T30/T90
Smoke control Optional Optional
Max. width* 1.260 mm 1.260 mm 1.320 mm 1.385 mm 1.260 mm
Max. height* 2.255 mm 2.255 mm 2.650 mm 2.900 mm 2.505 mm
Surface finish Veneer / laminate / paint / priming foil Veneer / laminate / paint / priming foil Veneer / laminate / paint / priming foil Veneer / laminate / paint / priming foil Laminate
* Dimensions based on rough opening sizes; special dimensions available upon request.


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