Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber


Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber

SONOR-SLIDE sliding door

Manual or automatic: user-friendly sliding doors

Sliding doors are an ideal way of allowing easy passage while saving space. The SONOR-SLIDE sliding door from neuform was developed to meet the highest of expectations. Whether you choose a simple, manual version, or a hygienic, radiation-protection operating-theatre door with an automatic drive, you can be sure of a unique combination of attractive appearance and smart technology.

The neuform SONOR-SLIDE sliding door is also very easy to use. It does not close against a jamb or side profile; instead, the door leaf closes flush with the frame’s outer edge – allowing extra-wide clearance. Even people with limited mobility can open and close SONOR-SLIDE with ease. It is therefore ideal for barrier-free buildings. The SONOR-SLIDE sliding door blends superb function with excellent, up-to-date form. It also offers sound insulation up to 42 dB, and can be optionally supplied with fire resistance (T30), smoke control and radiation protection.

This year the SONOR-SLIDE sliding door from neuform was awarded the internationally most conveted quality seal – Red Dot Product Design Award. More information can be found here.



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Steel frames

The SONOR-SLIDE sliding door from neuform can be used in conjunction with steel frames or stainless steel frame.

The two-part steel wrap-around frames from neuform are galvanised/primed and very strong. They offer high dimensional accuracy and retain their shape. This ensures they hold the door firmly and precisely in place even under challenging conditions.

  • Frame made from sheet steel (at least 1.5 / 2 mm thick)

  • Long-lasting and robust construction

  • Flexible appearance due to ex-works coating or on-site painting



Schiebetüren im St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam
St. Josefs Krankenhaus Potsdam Foto: Markus Stegner

50 mm- or 70 mm-thick door leaf with sound insulation

The SONOR-SLIDE sliding door from neuform can be fitted with door leaves from strong wood materials of a thickness of 50 or 70 millimetres – providing sound insulation without the need to lower the door leaf. SONOR-SLIDE requires only low operating forces, and can therefore be opened and closed easily even by people with limited mobility, without the aid of others. It slides open across the wall or can be installed as a niche door, flush with the wall.

A door leaf of 50-millimetre thickness offers sound insulation up to 37 dB (class 2 sound insulation). If door leaves of 70-millimetre thickness are deployed, then sound insulation rises to 42 dB (class 3). In both cases, the door leaves can be optionally equipped with safety features for T30 or T90 fire resistance and smoke control.

You can choose from the entire neuform edging range – but for extra protection, we recommend the extremely robust PU edging made of polyurethane. The door leaf can be given a surface finish of natural veneers, hard-wearing HPL laminate, eco-friendly paints, and can be provided with tough metal kick plates. Moreover, the SONOR-SLIDE sliding door can be optionally fitted with a PLANOGLAS vision panel, including a blind.


Schiebetür zum Operationssaal am Elblandklinikum Riesa
Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber



Rollstuhlfahrer öffnet eine Schiebetür
Alfried Krupp Krankenhaus Foto: Stefan Marquardt

Smooth-running tracks for manual or automatic operation

Due to their opening/shutting method, sliding doors require their own distinct hardware. Special tracks are provided for neuform SONOR-SLIDE. These tracks are suitable for doors weighing up to 200 kilograms, and allow extremely smooth and quiet operation. The sliding door hardware is concealed by a fold-out aluminium pelmet, which also provides convenient access for maintenance of the technical components.

A mortise lock with a top shoot bolt and a special stainless-steel strike plate ensure that the SONOR-SLIDE sliding door can be securely locked. The door can be combined with practically any D-shaped pull handle or recessed handle from all leading manufacturers.

The neuform SONOR-SLIDE sliding door is easy to open and close manually, but can be equipped with a convenient automatic drive where desired.


Schiebetüren im Elblandklinikum Riesa
Elblandklinikum Riesa Foto: Jochen Stüber


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