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Doors for the education sector

In kindergartens, schools, universities and other educational facilities, the many activities taking place create varied challenges in terms of light and sound. Doors are essential tools in addressing these needs.

School center Leudelange, Luxembourg

School center Leudelange, Luxembourg

Education & care combined with fun & games

The school center in Leudelange, Luxembourg is a unique reference, equipped with approx. 60 neuform door sets. Of these, around 20 doors meet the requirements of the fire protection guidelines up to 90 minutes. In cooperation with the Ministry in Luxembourg, the architectural office developed an integrated educational model. This is a building complex that combines kindergarten, pre-school, elementary school and afternoon care under one roof. The entire school complex was planned, implemented and designed with the future users, i.e. the children, in mind. Large-format door sets connect the play, corridor and teaching areas. Soundproof doors ensure a quiet learning environment.

Architects: WW+ architektur + management

Photographer: Thomas Möller

Kinderhaus Pezzettino, Kernen

Children's home Pezzettino, Kernen

Individual care for the children

The "Pezzettino" children's home in Kernen im Remstal, Germany, was recently refurbished and fitted with doors from neuform. 30 minutes fire rated doors, soundproof doors and fixed glazing were installed in the building. A Spruce veneer with an environmentally friendly, transparent coating was chosen for the surface. The building complex had to be robust enough for everyday use, and the light-colored Spruce veneer is particularly suitable for this. The edges of the door leaves are rounded or chamfered in accordance with the kindergarten guidelines.
"Pezzettino" is Italian and means "little piece". The philosophy of the children's home in Kernen im Remstal is based on the idea that the human personality is made up of many small individual pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle. Each child is perceived individually and supported according to their needs.

Architects: D'Inka Scheible Hoffmann Lewald Architekten Partnerschaft mbB

Photographer: Markus Guhl

Kinderhaus Zwergenland, Erdmannhausen

Kinderhaus Zwergenland, Erdmannhausen

Child-friendly interior with quiet zones

To ensure a safe, child-friendly development environment, neuform equipped Kinderhaus Zwergenland, a state-of-the-art day-care centre in Erdmannhausen, with some 55 doors and wooden block frames. All doors feature robust, visually appealing door-leaf surface finishes in decorative blue HPL, chamfered door leaf edges and effective finger guards. The doors have standard safety features for child-care facilities, with sound insulation and fire resistance attributes, depending on the precise location. Moreover, Kinderhaus Zwergenland includes innovative SONOR-VENTI doors from neuform and double-leaf elements with sidelights and fanlights.

Architects: jahnke|architektur

Photographer: Thomas Möller

Kinderhaus Zwergenland Erdmannhausen Foto: Thomas Möller
Kinderhaus Zwergenland Erdmannhausen Foto: Thomas Möller
Kinderhaus Zwergenland Erdmannhausen Foto: Thomas Möller
Kinderhaus Zwergenland Erdmannhausen Foto: Thomas Möller

Wiehagen Grundschule, Werne

Wiehagen Primary School, Werne

Creating an ideal learning environment

The new-build complex created for the more than century-old Wiehagen Primary School in Werne is modular in character, with units comprising a central learning space surrounded by four classrooms. neuform incorporated more than 100 doors of various types, with tough, durable hardware, into the education-driven architecture. The connections between individual rooms create the ideal learning environment, featuring a number of multifunctional zones. Priorities included a harmonious overall look-and-feel, and high standards of safety through fire resistance and sound insulation. Transparent fire compartmentalisation elements and almost entirely glazed doors ensure good lighting throughout rooms and corridors.

Architects: h4a Architekten

Photographer: Michael Meschede

Kita Trumpf, Ditzingen

Trumpf day-care centre, Ditzingen

Combining family life with work

Trumpf, a company based in Ditzingen, is committed to ensuring employees can combine a career with a family life. As a result, it decided to establish a child day-care centre for its staff. neuform was able to provide targeted support for this project. It supplied 38 doors and frames with genuine wood veneer and cross-veneered door leaves in silver fir. Child-friendly, natural door elements made of certified materials ensure safety and well-being. Fire resistance and sound insulation, glue-free elements , chamfered door leaf edges and finger guards to prevent injury ensure compliance with the high safety standards mandated for child-care buildings.

Architects: Barkow Leibinger Architekten

Photographer: Stefan Josef Müller

Sporthalle Plus, Lahr

Sporthalle Plus, Lahr

Sport, leisure and culture

This new-build complex in Lahr public park offers a variety of facilities for sport, leisure and cultural activities. The neuform products used in its construction are equally versatile. The sports hall itself, the foyer, the offices and the changing rooms were fitted with a total of 92 doors and 28 wood frames up to 2.50 metres in height. The sports hall experiences heavy foot traffic, so especially robust and natural materials were chosen for the doors, such as high-quality larchwood veneer. The large neuform FRAMIC framed door with glass panels and the open, transparent entrance area together create an impressive atmosphere.

Architects: a+r Architekten

Photographer: Thomas Möller

Gemeinschaftsschule, Ammerbuch

Comprehensive School, Ammerbuch

Colourful educational and sports complex

The attractive school campus of Ammerbuch Comprehensive School combines a school building with a multipurpose/sports hall on the edge of Schönbuch nature park. The school complex was equipped with 212 colourful interior doors and 13 high-humidity elements from neuform. The natural colours align well with the modern architectural style and ensure an elegant overall appearance. Additionally, the doors provide certified fire resistance and sound insulation, and the rounded edges help prevent injuries. The neuform door elements combine exceptional quality with state-of-the-art technology – and help create the ideal conditions for school education and sports activities.

Architects: K9 Architekten

Photographer: Oliver Rieger

Burg-Gymnasium, Schorndorf

Burg Grammar School, Schorndorf

Teaching and learning in a pleasant environment

Architects Broghammer Jana Wohlleber turned Burg Grammar School in Schorndorf into a high-quality and safe environment for teaching and learning for around 800 students. The result is a harmonious blend of concrete, steel, wood and glass, creating a pleasant, light atmosphere. More than 30 neuform FRAMIC framed doors with extensive glazing provide maximum transparency while offering the fire resistance, smoke control and sound insulation mandated for schools. Moreover, the chamfered edges help prevent injuries. The high-quality surface finishes made from sturdy oak help give the school building a natural look-and-feel.

Architects: Broghammer Jana Wohlleber

Photographer: Thomas Möller


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