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Doors for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and more

The healthcare sector has very specific interior design challenges. And the choice of door can be decisive in all settings, public and private, for doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Safety, hygiene and lighting are all important criteria.

Waldkliniken, Eisenberg

Waldkliniken, Eisenberg

Recuperation in the hills and forests of Thüringen

Waldkliniken is a hospital complex in Eisenberg with a focus on a feel-good atmosphere and rapid recuperation. The circular sustainable wood-and-glass building was created by two architectural practices, Matteo Thun and HDR GmbH, in collaboration. neuform supplied 563 innovative doors of diverse types that fulfilled all requirements for the new and unique patient accommodation. These solutions provide fire resistance, sound insulation and smoke control while ensuring a pleasant home-away-from-home atmosphere. The doors were made from sustainable materials and feature natural colours. Double-leaf door elements and barrier-free, automatic neuform SONOR-SLIDE sliding doors complement the exceptional interior design concept.

Architects: Matteo Thun & HDR GmbH

Photographer: Steffen Spitzner

Photographer for exterior: Gionata Xerra

Elblandklinikum, Riesa

Elblandklinikum, Riesa

New-build extension for interdisciplinary A&E unit

Patients in the A&E unit receive around-the-clock care. This requires infrastructure and equipment to be available at all times. The extension building for Elblandklinikum in Riesa features 35 automatic SONOR-SLIDE sliding doors from neuform. These help ensure ease of patient access and movement, while enabling privacy. Safety is provided through fire resistance, smoke control and radiation protection. Moreover, the new-build extension also features 237 hinged doors with robust PU protective edging and hygiene-friendly door leaf edges and surface finishes. Seamless neuform PLANOGLAS vision panels that are flush to the door provide visibility for specific areas and fulfil high hygiene standards.

Architects: HDR GmbH

Photographer: Jochen Stüber

St. Josefs Krankenhaus, Potsdam

St. Josefs Krankenhaus, Potsdam

Highly advanced expert medical treatment

The new-build St. Josefs Krankenhaus in Potsdam was equipped with some 300 doors for patient rooms, procedure/treatment rooms and operating theatres. Drawing on its comprehensive product portfolio, neuform supplied diverse solutions. These included high-quality door elements with durable ABS edging, SONOR-SLIDE sliding doors for simple, convenient movement of patients, and PLANOGLAS doors with extensive glazing and hygiene friendliness. Moreover, depending on the installation location, some doors feature fire resistance, smoke control and radiation protection.

Architects: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten

Photographer: Markus Stegner


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