Doors for hotels, hostels and guest houses

Hotels are not just places for overnight accommodation. Guests want to feel relaxed and at ease. And that applies as much to a hotel in an urban environment as to one in the middle of the countryside. To create the right atmosphere, they require the right doors: they need to look good, work well, safeguard privacy and more.


Hotel Faehrhaus, Koblenz

Passion for beauty, comfort and great feelings

The Hotel Faehrhaus means "modern hotel business with an eye for the essential, for the simple beauty of life". With 37 comfortable rooms, 10 exclusive suites and its own marina on the banks of the Moselle, the hotel in Koblenz invites you to stay. The light-flooded rooms are characterised by contemporary comfort and natural materials. Of course, our neuform-doors fit perfectly into the overall design concept and contribute their part to a pleasant and relaxing hotel experience. Approximately 120 door elements provide access to all areas of the hotel: from the spacious entrance area to the guest rooms and suites to the technical rooms in the spa area.

Architects: Fries Architekten, Vallendar

Photographer: Thomas Möller


Hotel Fritz Lauterbad, Freudenstadt

Urban soul meets Black Forest

Hotel Fritz Lauterbad is the first smart luxury hotel in the Black Forest and won the prestigious German Design Award in 2020. It allows guests to relax and unwind in natural surroundings, helped effectively but unobtrusively by 74 doors with robust PU edging from neuform. Sound-insulating fire-resistant doors with electronic locking systems ensure a pleasant stay in a peaceful and safe environment. The wellness/spa area features special high-humidity elements that create a harmonious, feel-good atmosphere.

Architects: Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH

Photographer: Thomas Möller


LA MAISON hotel, Saarlouis

A rendezvous of the traditional and the modern

This 4-star hotel in Saarlouis has been fitted with more than 120 doors from neuform. The solutions provided align well with the high design standards of the building, in particular with regard to colours and manufacturing quality. They preserve the hotel’s historical character while meeting modern requirements. The frame-and-panel look of these high-quality doors reflects the hotel’s architectural style. At the same time, they provide fire resistance and sound insulation, in combination with a reliable access control system, for safety and privacy. The result is a harmonious blend of the traditional and the contemporary. In 2017, LA MAISON received the BDA architecture award.

Architects: Nicolay Design GmbH

Photographer: Dirk Meyer


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