Referenzen öffentliche Gebäude

Public buildings

Doors for museums, concert halls and government agencies

For museums, concert halls and other public buildings, interior design is essential to the visitor experience. And while the focus in museums is on security and demarcation, concert halls require effective noise control.

explorhino Aalen

explorhino, Aalen

Museum for Scientific Experimentation

explorhino comprises a science centre and laboratory for school students, and offers exciting visitor experiences. Around 70 hinged and swing doors from neuform ensure access to the building and its various exhibits. A particular focus was safety for both adult and younger visitors – including fire resistance, smoke control and sound insulation. Moreover, the doors are designed to support the educational and experimental aspects of the museum. The museum itself features oversized doors, whereas the foyer is fitted with inviting FRAMIC framed doors with extensive glazing for a light, pleasant atmosphere.

Architects: AV1 Architekten GmbH

Photographer: Thomas Möller

Futurium, Berlin

Futurium, Berlin

The house of the future

Futurium is a museum, laboratory and forum rolled into one. It is a venue for showcasing and discussing probable and desirable future scenarios, allowing visitors to glimpse tomorrow’s world. neuform products primarily serve to separate off rooms and to provide noise control. neuform equipped the state-of-the-art building with 94 high-quality door leaves and 25 flexible wood frames with robust PU edging. All doors feature fire resistance, smoke control and sound insulation. Special safety doors were installed in the public areas.

Architects: Richter und Musikowski

Photographer: Michael Meschede

ESO Supernova, Garching

ESO Supernova, Garching

A glimpse of the stars

This technically advanced planetarium treats visitors to a multisensory journey through the universe. The highly functional, high-quality door elements from neuform complement the architecture of the building in terms of safety and interior space division. Some 50 door leaves and 43 wood frames with fire resistance and sound insulation were installed to segregate rooms. Top-class genuine wood veneer creates a natural, warm and consistent look-and-feel through all areas of the building. Flush elements and mechanically positive connections ensure durability even in areas with high foot traffic.

Architects: Bernhardt Ingenieure GmbH

Photographer: Swen Carlin

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

Perfect harmony

Sound-insulation doors should keep the right sounds in, and the wrong sounds out. That is exactly why Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie is fitted with high-quality doors from neuform. To guarantee excellent acoustics in studios and rehearsal rooms, the city’s new cultural symbol was equipped with oversize single- and double-leaf doors with the highest class of sound insulation. For even greater noise control, the door leaves were also extra thick . Moreover, to comply with all applicable safety regulations, the doors were made to T30 and T90 fire resistance standards.

Architects: Herzog & de Meuron

Photos: neuformtür


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